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Parkav is a multi-brand company which is located in India. Since 2003 we have provided multi-services and developing software development. We are not only experienced in providing software services also we are engaged in many activities like rice trading, oil mill trading, transports, exports, finance, software and, real estates. In a minimal amount of time, we provide enormous services in every sector to develop your business.

The best mobile app development company which also specializes in many aspects to make your business and personal life to fulfill destiny. Many follow some strategies to maintain the flow and performing the plan easily, but here, we are the strategy hence it is thus simple for us. We make ideas to be well executed for the day to day need and for the future. Planning and Analyzing is what a vital part of any business and decisions that we have it in our hand fluently. Implementing in developing the technology is a nature of us and we are the source in using many talented resources. As an expert in technology, we make the science very useful for anyone for anything.

Our Services

Rice Trading

We also provide a service which is not related to the software development. The service which we provide additionally is Rice Trading. As rice is a basic food, it is a staple food source throughout Asia and rice is always a high demand product.

Oil mill & trading

Like rice trading, we also include oil mill & trading. Oil mill & trading is another service which gives huge amount of return and it is profitable. Both edible and non edible oil gets traded and exported to various regions.


Transport is the main need nowadays for the people to move and shift things from one place to another and we help in rendering transport service for your need with affordable price. We are trustable by people in every service we do this far that shows our experience.

Food Products

The place where you can buy fresh vegetables and the necessity things to cook for eating is the best place to live. Likewise, we are here for the market as you depend on it and we export Potatoes, Onion, Oil, and Turmeric which are fresh and consumable.


This service is a broad range of service which includes activities such as banking, insurance and investment activities. We provide financial services to lend funds and loans or any monetary benefits

Real estate

Real estate is the one of the services which generates more income. It provides services with respect to the purchase, sales, lease, rental, or appraisal of real property We sell land in affordable price were everyone can afford to buy.

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